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Elevators are wonderful mechanisms. Do you actually know the more complexed details other than it takes you from level one to level two? We discuss the difference between traction and hydraulic elevators, what elevators are made of and are old elevators safe?

What is the difference between traction and hydraulic elevators?

There is one major difference between traction and hydraulic elevators. It’s in the way the systems transport the cab. The cab is raised and lowered by traction steel ropes or belts on a pulley system with traction elevators as opposed to the hydraulic elevators. The traction elevators use less energy and serves mid to high rise buildings.

What are elevators made of?

An elevator is a big steel structure, a passenger elevator car is usually made of steel sheets and are finely trimmed on the inside with decorative panelling. The steel structure is called a sling and it extends down the sides of the car from the crosshead and cradles the floor or platform.


How safe are elevators?

Believe it or not an elevator is twenty times safer than escalators. There are 20 more elevators than escalators around however only 1/3 more accidents. Statistics show that elevators are actually safer than cars. Majority of people who die in elevators are actually elevator technicians. Overall elevators are pretty safe.

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